Meeting Report: 3rd Drug Discovery Re-Invented

"The third Drug Discovery Re-Invented Meeting focused on the science, structure, and business of drug discovery today with an emphasis on how it is being accomplished outside the traditional large pharmaceutical company model. The meeting brought together experts in medicinal chemistry, biology, structure-based drug design, computational chemistry, novel technology platforms, and natural products discovery. The… Continue reading Meeting Report: 3rd Drug Discovery Re-Invented


Meeting Report: Fusion Conference’s 2nd Interventions in Aging

"In March 2017, the Second Interventions in Aging Conference was held in Cancun, Mexico and organized by Fusion Conferences, Ltd. As meeting organizers, we would like to provide a brief overview of the meeting proceedings, which reflect larger views in the aging research field about the future directions critical for continued progress. The meeting, similar… Continue reading Meeting Report: Fusion Conference’s 2nd Interventions in Aging

Win a complimentary registration for Fusion’s 2nd Personalized Medicine conference

For a chance to win, head to @Fusion_Conf on Twitter or Fusion's LinkedIn page and share one of the competition posts. Terms and conditions This competition started on 13 February 2017 and will finish on 16 February 2017 at 1700 GMT. Entries to this competition can be made in two ways: via Fusion Conference's Twitter account, in… Continue reading Win a complimentary registration for Fusion’s 2nd Personalized Medicine conference

The future of scientific conferences

The news of an established conference organiser closing their books last month has shocked the scientific community. And as the world becomes more virtual, regular conference-goers may be wondering about the future of physical scientific meetings. Is there still a need in the market for them, or will networking and collaborations be abandoned to webinars? Technology has enabled virtual meetings… Continue reading The future of scientific conferences

Conferences and scientific parents

It is an outdated attitude to expect parents in any industry to entirely leave their family mindset and responsibilities out of the office. Many workplaces now accept the key to employee retention and optimum productivity is ensuring their workers manage a good work-life balance. These employers accept life at home will occasionally crop up at work -… Continue reading Conferences and scientific parents

De Gruyter Open Report – RNA Nanotechnology 2016

The RNA Nanotechnology conference took place 01-04 August 2016 in the beautiful Wokefield Park Estate in Berkshire, UK. Chaired by scientific organiser, Dr. Peixuan Guo (Sylvan G. Frank Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems, Ohio State University), the meeting looked at various aspects of RNA Nanotechnology, including biophysical approaches, RNA nanoparticle structure, nanoimmunology and… Continue reading De Gruyter Open Report – RNA Nanotechnology 2016

Optibrium CEO to speak at Fusion’s 2017 drug discovery conference on supporting neglected diseases

Neglected diseases continue to cause significant morbidity and mortality in the developing world. Of 850 new therapeutic products approved between 2000 and 2011, only 4% (and only 1% of all approved NCEs) were indicated for neglected diseases, even though these diseases account for 11% of the global disease burden. To help support the effort to… Continue reading Optibrium CEO to speak at Fusion’s 2017 drug discovery conference on supporting neglected diseases

Special £450 rate for local cancer & oncology researchers

Fusion Conferences are offering the chance for local cancer researchers to attend the Novel Concepts in the Biology and Treatment of Metastatic Cancer and Cancer Metabolism and the Tumour Microenvironment conferences, based in Paphos, Cyprus, for a reduced rate. The Metastatic Cancer conference, chaired by top experts in the field Dr. Jonathan Sleeman (University of Heidelberg),… Continue reading Special £450 rate for local cancer & oncology researchers

Grants for Cancer Metabolism conference

Dr. Michael Lisanti and Dr. Federica Sotgia are pleased to offer a fantastic opportunity to attend the forthcoming Cancer Metabolism and the Tumour Microenvironment: Importance of Inflammation and Stromal Cells conference. Fusion Conferences have 4 x £750 grants available to attend the conference, to be used against the registration fee only. Join Drs Lisanti and… Continue reading Grants for Cancer Metabolism conference